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The NASA Technology Transfer program ensures that innovations developed for exploration and discovery are broadly obtainable to the general public, maximizing the benefit to the nation. NASA ensures innovations for area discover sensible Technology News uses nearer to residence. They usually turn into solutions to different challenges – ones we didn’t set out to clear up.

  • The Race to Fill Crypto’s FTX-Shaped HoleWhen crypto exchange FTX collapsed, it left behind a hole in the market.
  • DOIs — which include a string of numbers, letters and symbols — are distinctive fingerprints used to determine and hyperlink to specific publications, such as scholarly articles and official stories.
  • The European Union has fined Apple almost $2 billion by forbidding rivals like Spotify from telling users how they might pay for cheaper subscriptions outdoors of iPhone apps.
  • The article takes a detailed look at the toddler formulation market and factors that contributed to the …